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  • Anti-Harassment & Non-Discrimination Policy

    llinois State University fosters a campus environment that recognizes individual and cultural differences and is strongly committed to the ethical and legal principle that each member of the University community enjoys the constitutional right to free speech. The right of free expression and the open exchange of ideas stimulates debate, promotes creativity, and is essential to a rich learning environment.

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  • Americans with Disabilities Policy

    Illinois State University is committed to the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in University programs and activities. The University strives to continually improve the accessibility of our campus, programs and activities to individuals with disabilities. Illinois State University recognizes that individuals with disabilities may require reasonable accommodations to have equally effective opportunities to participate in or benefit from our educational programs, services, activities, and employment opportunities.

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  • Religious Accommodation Policy

    Illinois State University assigns a high priority to the principles of equal opportunity and an enduring commitment to diversity through the nondiscrimination of employment of qualified persons, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. To honor this commitment, Illinois State University will promote a good faith effort to provide a reasonable accommodation of an employee's religious beliefs, unless the university believes such an accommodation presents an undue hardship to university business.

    The University recognizes that employees of certain religions observe holidays that have not been designated as legal holidays by state or federal law. When this occurs the University expects employees to make arrangements for a religious practice in advance through the following religious accommodation procedure.

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